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Y2K Cool

The year 2000 was the pinnacle year of Too Cools career. They had matches booked for nearly every episode of Raw and Smackdown, they had top card matches in nearly all of 2000s monthly PPVs and they received some of the biggest pops from the fans. This was also the year that Too Cool for the first time became the Tag Team Champions and Scotty captured the Light-heavy weight title off Dean Malenko. This tribute page will look at the years highlights for Too Cool and how they danced their way to success.


Scotty wins the light-heavy weight championship off Dean Malenko.
On an episode of Raw is War Scotty put up an amazing fight against Malenko to finally win over the belt. The two feuded for many months; the light-heavy weight division had never been so exciting. Scottys reign only lasted for ten days, when he lost the title on 27th April on an episode of Smackdown, three days before the two would battle it out at Backlash.

Win: Scotty 2 Hotty was already a member of the exciting and wholly successful tag team called Too Cool. Yet he was anxious to prove his merit as a singles competitor. Scotty earned a shot at Dean Malenko and the Light Heavyweight Championship on April 17, 2000. In the first of a series of outstanding matches between the two, Scotty defeated Malenko to become the new Light Heavyweight Champion!
Ten days earlier, Dean Malenko was upset by Scotty 2 Hotty and lost the World Wrestling Federation Light Heavyweight Championship. The two were signed to compete at Backlash for Scotty's title, but the rivalry had intensified so much that the Federation decided it could not wait for the Pay-Per-View and ordered a rematch on the April 27, 2000 edition of SmackDown!
Malenko attacked Scotty before the bell, and was aggressive throughout the bout until Scotty blocked Malenko's attempt at a superplex and nailed the challenger with a missile dropkick. But Scotty's best efforts went for naught when Malenko used the ropes for leverage to steal a pin to regain the Light Heavyweight Title.
The two met once more at Backlash, and in what was arguably the best match out of this rivalry, Malenko pinned Scotty to retain the Championship. He would hold the title for the next 11 months.


Too Cool win the Tag Team Titles off Edge and Christian on Raw is War.

It was on an episode of Raw, in Canada when Too Cool finally won the well-earned championship belts. It was with help from Joe C, who low-blowed Christian with a hockey stick. And at the end, Too Cool, Rikishi and Joe C all danced, for the first time with gold. Unfortunately nearly a month later, Too Cool lost the Tag Team belts at the King of the Ring PPV in Tag team elimination battle Royal. At the end it was down to Too Cool and Edge and Christian. When the ref had his back turned, Christian ran in and hit Grandmaster, who had Edge pinned, with the belt, giving Edge and Christian the victory.

Here is what Scotty and Grandmaster said about loosing the titles:

WWF: You lost the Tag Team title to Edge and Christian back in June; do you think you were given enough of a chance to get the belts back?

Scotty: No, not really. As soon as we lost them, Edge and Christian kind of went off on their own thing with the Hardyz, and their ladders, and all their little toy matches.

Grandmaster: We were never given a chance to get the belts back. Youre supposed to be given a return title shot immediately after a loss. Not only were the belts stolen from us, but we were never given our return title shot.
From WWF Magazine

Win: Edge & Christian poked fun at Joe C. of Kid Rock on the March 29th edition of RAW IS WAR. It would up costing them the World Wrestling Federation Tag Team Championship to Too Cool. Joe C. came to ringside during Too Cool's title match against E&C and used a hockey stick to hit Christian down low! Grand Master Sexay then belt-bashed Christian and covered him for the win and Too Cool's first World Wrestling Federation Tag Team Championship!

Loss: Edge & Christian defeated the Hardy Boyz and T & A in an Triple Threat Tag Team Elimination Match at the 2000 King of the Ring to earn a shot at Too Cool's World Wrestling Federation Championship immediately after. Scotty 2 Hotty held Edge in position for Grand Master Sexay's Hip Hop Drop, but the referee told Scotty to get out of the ring. With everyone's back turned, Christian nailed Grand Master in the back of the head with the tag title belt, and Edge pined Grand Master to win he and Christian their second Federation Tag Team Championship.


Watch Too Cool win the tag team belts


-------Too Cool Visit Paramounts Great America----------

Too Cool got to visit Paramounts Great America, which was really entertaining to watch. Scotty had to act like he hated all the rides (ironically), while Grandmaster was eager to get on every ride.








------------------PPV PLAY BY PLAY -----------------------


Rikishi and Grandmaster were the only two in the ring when Scotty entered. Grandmaster was trying to convince Rikishi not to eliminate him when Scotty came to the rescue. The trio then resolved it with a dance. The crowd went wild, as the funkiest duo put the Royal Rumble on a hold to dance. Rikishi surprised everyone including Scotty and Grandmaster when he doubled clotheslined them, and chucked them out of the ring, eliminating them from the Royal Rumble, but they still remained homies.

.........NO WAY OUT
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Too Cool & Chyna Vs. Eddie Guerreo, Dean Malenko & Perry Saturn

The match started with Scotty and Eddie in the ring, they locked up and shot each other against the ropes, Scotty took the advantage when he took Guerrero down with a tilt-a-whirl back breaker. Scotty celebrated by moon walking to the apron and tagging Chyna in. Eddie tagged Malenko, and Chyna took him down with a strong clothesline, Malenko regained his momentum and attempted to power bomb Chyna, before Scotty came to the rescue from the side of the apron, and delivered a clothesline to Malenko. Grandmaster was then tagged in for the first time, and they double teamed Malenko. Grandmaster gave Chyna a quick dancing lesson, which received big pops from the crowd. Grandmaster took control but Malenko escaped to tag in Eddie. Grandmaster went up top to attempt a hip-hop drop, but while the ref was distracted Perry pushed Grandmaster off the turnbuckle. Saturn was tagged in for the first time, which was followed by a series of tags by the Radicalz. Guerrero returned to the ring and took control of the match before Grandmaster built up enough momentum to hit Guerrero and tag in Scotty. Eddie used a flip from the apron onto Scotty, which Chyna was less impressed by. While the ref wasnt looking, Eddie attacked Chyna, which gave Scotty enough time to recover and fight back with a couple of right hands. Grandmaster the surplexed Eddie to the outside, using the distraction to their advantage the other two Radicalz attacked Scotty from behind, but he fought back and hit Saturn with the bulldog, while Grandmaster hit a super kick on Malenko. With the two Radicalz lying prone on the canvas, Scotty executed The Double Worm to the crowds delight. As Guerrero distracted the ref by hiding behind him, the other Radicalz took this advantage to pull Scotty from the ring and proceeded to double-team him. In the ring Chyna tried to get to Eddie, but the ref wouldnt have it, and man handled an angry Chyna out of the ring. Grandmaster helped Scotty back into the ring, but the Radicalz were taking control of the match, double teaming Scotty. Guerrero was tagged in again and climbed the top rope, before Scotty could stop him and counter it into a superplex. It was a race to get up, as Eddie tried to prevent Scotty from tagging in Chyna, but he got the tag, and Chyna ran in and took on two of the other Radicalz. She hit Malenko and Saturn with double handspring elbows and low blows. Guerrero finally came in to face Chyna and attempted a power bomb, which Chyna reversed and hit a powerbomb of her own on Guerrero. Chyna followed it up with a testicular claw into a gorilla press slam. Chyna then got the one two three count with a sleep drop.
Winners: Too Cool & Chyna

Backlash 2000


Scotty Too Hotty Vs. Dean Malenko
Light-heavy weight Championship

It was only three days before on Smackdown that Malenko cheated to win back the light heavy weight title off Scotty. As the match got underway Scotty took control, pounding the champion with strong right hands followed by a back body drop. Scotty then went for the pin early on, with a clothesline and got a near fall. Malenko set Scotty up for the pile driver but Scotty escaped and got another near fall. After a series of flowing counters, Scotty hit a backdrop and celebrated with a moonwalk. Malenko used this opportunity to attack Scotty from behind, but still couldnt gain control of the match. Scotty made an attempt for the first bulldog but Malenko countered with a strong clothesline. Malenko removed the padding from one of the turnbuckles and slammed Scottys head into it. Malenko started to gain control as he worked on Scottys legs. Malenko dominated the majority of the match, using a variety of his thousand holds on Scotty. Malenko got a couple of near falls, before Scotty was able to lift his shoulders from the canvas. Scotty then equalised with a ensurgurie. The crowd chanted Scotty! but he wasnt able to capitalise, and Malenko continued to dominate the match. Scotty got another near fall, with a schoolboy roll up. Malenko tackled Scotty to the outside, Malenko attempted to get back into the ring, but Scotty pulled him down, slamming his face into the apron. Malenko rolled back into the ring, as Scotty climbed the turnbuckle., but Malenko stopped him and hit a top rope superplex. Both men lay injured and tired on the canvas, after a five count both men got to their feet and Scotty countered an attempted Texas Clover Leaf into a roll up., but Malenko kicked out and hit Scotty with a back drop. Malenko set Scotty up for a power bomb, but Scotty countered it by rolling over Malenkos back, hitting the ropes, and surprising Malenko with a bulldog. One mad Scotty hit the Worm on Malenko. Malenko got up soon after and hit Scotty from behind and slammed him against the turnbuckle. With his feet on the ropes to gain leverage he rolled up Scotty, but the ref caught Malenko and broke up the pin. Scottys determination and toughness kept him in the running as he kicked out of a couple of pins. Scotty chucked Malenko out of the ring, and choked himself in the process, which gave Malenko the upper hand to climb the turnbuckle. Scotty hit Malenko who sat on the turnbuckle and climbed up to set Malenko up for a superplex. Malenko to the crowds surprise countered and hit a breath taking DDT off the top rope, giving him the one, two, three count.
Winner: Dean Malenko

This was supposed to be one of the top matches of 2000, although Scotty said that he hates watching the tape back, because that was the night that he nearly broke his neck.

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........NO MERCY
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